18 Apr 2020

It’s the time of year again when pilgrims complete their journey to Namugongo, to pay their respects to long-dead Christian converts who suffered public execution at the hands of Kabaka Mwanga II of Buganda. The story of the Uganda Martyrs is well known, and for readers not yet in the know, the bones of the story are detailed here.

14 Dec 2017

Eric Mwiine Mugaju continues a new series looking at African women who resisted colonial oppression.

The 20th century marked a continuation in the voice of female resistance to colonialism  and the patriarchy. Mekatilili wa Menza, prophetess, warrior and activist rallied a movement against male domination and colonialism with a dedicated following that could compete with today’s Insta stars.

As with our last figure, Muhumza, we know little detail about Mekatili’s life. In local and colonial cultures, men predominated. In terms of written records from the time (almost exclusively the product of the colonial pow...

13 Apr 2017

Interestingly, micro-credit companies have exploded at the same time gambling companies. Could it be that hapless debtors are turning to gambling to repay swollen debts? Under-regulated micro-finance has a track record of wreaking havoc. In India, it led to a spate of face-saving suicides by unsuccessful farmers, who chose drank the very pesticides they became indebted for in order to escape the their creditors. There is evidence to suggest regular gamblers in Kampala use betting to improve their liquidity, so it would not be a huge leap to connect the two booming phenomena.

23 Feb 2017

In December 2016 Facebook released its new strategy for tackling the spread of fake news on the social networking site. Yet, the planned structure of the fact-checking operation means that fake news stories targeting users in African countries are almost certain to fall through the net. What will it mean for 146 million+ African Facebook users being left to the lions with fake news?

What do Kenyan doctors, Mole Soup and Nigerians living South Africa all have in common? In the last week, they have all fallen prey to fake news stories spread on social media. In Kenya, the legality of the 3-month long doctors’ s...

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