Meet Katoto, Museveni’s big fan

Why internalised whiteness remains a reality in various blac...

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28 Mar 2019

If you are a 20-something-year-old job seeker like me, you are likely to have had an encounter(s) with giving.

Over the course of your life, you must h...

The future is uncertain as the path to the presidency opens up on both sides of the political divide.

Anybody hoping for politics to quieten down with...

On Tuesday, Kenya celebrated 54 years of Independence. In Kasarani the President addressed a near-empty stadium while his political rival whipped up a...

Eric Mwiine Mugaju continues a new series looking at African women who resisted colonial oppression.

The 20th century marked a continuation in the voic...

29 Oct 2017

Protesters gathered outside the Kenyan High commission in London to oppose the election re-run in Kenya on 26th October 2017. visited the sc...

23 Oct 2017

We held our first event with guest speakers to discuss the trajectory of the Kenyan Elections on Friday. A fantastic and insightful discussion was had...

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