Meet Katoto, Museveni’s big fan

Why internalised whiteness remains a reality in various blac...

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2 Apr 2017

n 2015 I travelled to Uganda for Christmas. At Entebbe airport waiting in line for arrivals, I started talking to the woman next to me. She was Uganda...

25 Mar 2017

One government spokesman said on the shortage of care “it’s an undeniable fact. There is a severe shortage of care- I for one don’t care about the fat...

20 Mar 2017

Dear diary, I've only been in Africa for a day and I already think I'm in love with this place! The people are so gracious and genuinely happy...

17 Mar 2017

We ask two writers what they think about how the world remembers their country's most famous leaders. Idi Amin and Jomo Kenyatta are both controve...

At the same time, the colonial argument can't be taken at face value. There are many Kenyan politicians who are ready to exploit the rhetoric for...

10 Mar 2017

...The decision to provide foreign aid is, and has always been, a self-serving policy. Britain gives aid to Africa because it protects British interes...

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