Meet Katoto, Museveni’s big fan

Why internalised whiteness remains a reality in various blac...

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“The naked truth is that Dr. Nyanzi is remorseful” said the Professor “ and frankly her commitment to the role has been laid bare for all to see.” The...

By blindly assuming that international justice is better than local justice, we fail to consider whether the ideas being applied  are compatible with...

For Kenya, threatening to shut Dadaab was a hefty economic bargaining chip and with elections looming in the summer, Kenyatta opted to cash it in. Luc...

24 Feb 2017

For external actors, the solution seen fit here is foreign intervention, instead of a political solution from within. In other words the United Nation...

23 Feb 2017

The Empire Strikes Back! A bi-weekly column exposing the filthy, dirty, rotten, no-good shenanigans of everyone’s favourite hated and despised ex-colo...

23 Feb 2017

In December 2016 Facebook released its new strategy for tackling the spread of fake news on the social networking site. Yet, the planned structure of...

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