• Eric Mwine-Mugaju

Nyong'o and Ruto to bring peace to Catalonia

Hollywood darling Lupita Nyong'o and William Hague (Ed- Don't you mean William Ruto?) have announced an impromptu tour of Spain's troubled region of Catalonia to help raise awareness of the plight of its citizens. On a diplomatic mission sponsored by the AU, the unexpected duo are set to be hosted by Spanish political figures, where Miss Nyong'o will press for the oppressive regime to embrace democratic norms. Following this, the pair will embark on a tour of the divided city of Barcelona and to visit victims of police brutality at a "grassroots" vineyard, where the produce sold helps to support local Catalan communities.

Speaking to Msomi, Nyong'o said "I am glad to have Ruto on board. Although everything he knows about Catalonia comes from Wikipedia and a sensationalist report written by a quango with economic interests in the region, his years as a top government official means he has a wealth of experience in appearing to care about issues that in reality, don't matter to him at all." When asked what she would bring to the mission, the starlet pointed to her recent travels in Finland preparing for her upcoming Director's debut together with extensive travels in Malta, where she adopted an orphan child in 2015.

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