• Mwiine Mugaju

Idi Amin 40 Years later - a podcast

African countries have had many leaders with great and controversial personalities. Mandela, Mobutu, Thomas Sankara, Gaddafi, Naser, Sékou Touré and Lumumba have all carved their unique place in history. Yet facts and figures often have little to do with how these people are remembered and with many, the politics, myth and actuality of their lives become entangled. It is 40 years since Idi Amin downfall, but remains a stubborn stain in our socio-plitical fabric. Idi Amin is a living ghost who just won’t die.

Amin, a subject of numerous documentaries and films such as the Hollywood blockbuster The Last King of Scotland, this four part podcast narrates how stories of Idi Amin are remembered in collective memory. Was he a comical character for children or Buffoon? A dictator or a nationalist? All this in Msomi Podcast.

Part One: Amin the comical character or a buffoon?




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