Breaking Nudes! Stella Nyanzi returns to post!


The once-respected Makerere University academic Dr. Stella Nyanzi has made a comeback after finally managing to get dressed again. “It has taken longer than expected, but I am proud to say that for the first time in months I am fully clothed again and ready to get down to business.”

Nyanzi was suspended following an incident in which she temporarily removed all of her clothes at work in protest against her treatment including depraved and sickening requests from university boss and distinguished academic Prof. Mamdani, such as being asked to do her job properly. “The naked truth is that Dr. Nyanzi is remorseful” said the Professor “ and frankly her commitment to the role has been laid bare for all to see.”

The scandal first took root when Nyanzi posted explicit pictures exposing her absolutely enormous grievances.

She has now been warned against using weapons of mass distraction by the university disciplinary board: “we expect all of our staff to dress appropriately for work and feel that Stella may simply need to revisit the uniform rules as she is clearly confused about the clause on birthday suits” said a spokesman.

Dr. Nyanzi’s protest about labour rights follows a career in which she expressed concerns about the proverbial glass ceiling. Reports have come in from the floor below Dr Nyanzi’s office pleading with university groundskeepers not to install any glass ceilings in the building..



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