Dear Diary: Volunteering at Yoga for Africa

Look at this cutie, smiling despite it all. #Hope #FriendsForever #YogaForAfrica #Volunteer #DownwardDogDownWithPoverty

Dear Diary,

Today is the start of my African adventure. It’s going to be TOTALLY AWSOME! I’m super exhausted after the flight, sooo glad mum and dad paid for that upgrade (did someone say daddy's little princess 😉? LOL!)

I’ve only been in Africa for a day and I already think I'm in love with this place! The people are so gracious and genuinely happy to have me here, I feel so at home ❤️ I have to admit I was scared at first and it was hard saying goodbye to everyone (especially my doggo- little Benji's puppy eyes nearly broke my heart- I swear he understands me 🐶) but I would never have been able to live with myself if I hadn't done the right thing and followed my heart to Africa! Also, I really need to have a break and find myself after dropping out of college.

Can you believe that most people here live on less than $2 a day! That's like just one packet of quinoa a week?!? I mean how are all the women so curvaceous?!

The accommodation they put me in is kind of kitsch and right next to a real slum. I deffo need to have a word with them about the generator. It's very environmentally unfriendly and honestly I would rather use my sandalwood therapy candles during power outages (they're wayyy more authentic and so pretty!!) Can't remember what the house lady's called though lol! Will have to ask the security boy (come to think of it, what's his name again?! Lol!)

Tomorrow I start work! I still can't believe they chose me, it's literally my dream job and the organisation's work is honestly inspirational and totally grassroots. I feel so blessed every time I say that I’ve been chosen to volunteer at Yoga for Africa! YFAs philosophy is really unique and progressive; it harnesses the meditative healing powers of yoga and teaches local people to let go of material attachment to money, thus helping victims of corruption overcome their trauma. It's so simple I'm amazed no one has thought of it before- corruption can't hurt you if you don't care about losing money anymore!!

We’re based in a building next to the local primary school and the kids are all so cute 😍😍! At break time, I go out watch them play football and they have even tried teaching me to speak African. Hakuna matata baby!!!

Mama Fletcher (YFA founder, such an inspiration!) told me that we are going to go on a lake safari trip next week! We’ll be staying at a place called Speke Resort which I hear has a proper coffee machine so I'll be able to get my soy-milk latte fix, thank god. I'm actually so glad to have sourced a decent coffee in case I need respite from the harsh reality of life in Katwe, you know? Self-care is so important.

Anyway, super-excited for the trip, I’ll get so many amazing photos for my Insta! The girls are going to be so jealous 🤗!

P.S. I always wondered, how do the animals know to stay in the game reserve?🦏🐘🐅?! Lol!

Artwork gratefully received from Art But Not Really

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